Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Looking for Great Deals on Travel? Search and compare everyday low published-prices by Olayinka Oyelami

Looking for Great Deals on Travel? Search and compare everyday low published-prices by Olayinka Oyelami

Finding the right prices, times and quality is the primary challenge every vacation traveler faces. This applies to everything, from flights to booking hotels. There are so many prices and restrictions when making a travel purchase, and customers feel helpless in most cases. We are seeing that because of these reasons, many customers are switching back to online travel agents.

The FAA forecasts that the number of U.S. airline passengers will increase from 840.8 million in 2017 to 1.28 billion in 2038, a growth of more than 50%. Imagine how much more torturous travel will be in the future if we don’t upgrade the support systems involved, especially those in airports and on airlines.

With this kind of expected growth, AI will probably help some areas of travel even further — but don't expect any miracles here. Unless space travel takes off, be ready to stand in long lines and eat some peanuts.

Google’s data shows that 36% of consumers are willing to pay more for these personalized experiences.
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Friday, October 19, 2018

How Canada's Legalization of Marijuana Could Impact Tourism

Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana on Tuesday. According to BBC News, the first recreational cannabis to be legally bought in Canada was purchased at midnight on Wednesday on the eastern island of Newfoundland. “With the growing trend of more, and more states and countries legalizing weed,” Ride the Wave on Next BILLION Dollar Industry and Unparalleled Business Opportunity. Sign up for FREE here Start building your own CTFO team with our new line of CBD products and lifetime of Residual Income. Read more...OOCORP HealthCare Blog: ...Information About Holistic Healthcare

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Smart Tips And How to Book Cheap Flights Wi...

It’s still possible to get cheaper fares in June today, there may not be as many options available as there were when you started searching. Read more... OlayinkaOyelamiHolidayBlog: Summer Smart Tips And How to Book Cheap Flights Wi...: Summer’s  just around the corner! Here are a few down and dirty tips for getting the  best  price  on  airfare . so if you're planning ...

Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Special - Unleash Your Summer With Deep Div...

With so many new attractions and experiences coming to SeaWorld, one visit is not enough. The best way for guests to experience all the park has to offer is with a Multi-day ticket or an Annual Pass. Unleash Your Summer

OlayinkaOyelamiHotels Blog: Summer Special - Unleash Your Summer With Deep Div...: WHY IT RATES:    SeaWorld Orlando’s new virtual reality roller coaster opens to the public on June 16- Eric Bowman, TravelPulse Senior Ed...

See Africa on Your Next Summer Vacation

#SummerSpecial Africa is arguably the world’s most culturally diverse continent. Nearly all the nationalities and cultures of the world seem to be represented there. Read more---See Africa on Your Next Summer Vacation: Africa is the second largest and most populous continent in the world. At 11.7 million square miles, it is large enough for the United States to fit inside it more than three times. It stretches fr…

American Airlines 50,000 miles credit card and miles programs – OOCORP

#SummerSpecial Try searching for flights a few days earlier or a day later. Ditto for hotels and if you’re willing to be a little flexible you may save big money. Read more...American Airlines 50,000 miles credit card and miles programs – OOCORP

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Air OOCORP Blog: Summer Holiday And How Technology Made Long Flight...

#SummerHolidaySavings Technology has made long-distance travel a lot easier to bear. Most long-haul carriers offer in-flight Summer Entertainments, and some even offer back-of-the-headrest entertainment devices in every single seat. Read more...Air OOCORP Blog: Summer Holiday And How Technology Made Long Flight...: How Book In-Flight Entertainment